Break the rules and make sparkle work for boys and girls – at any age…


In response to a growing demand for something completely new we have discovered the most gorgeous range of glitter wallcoverings, designed in the UK, through – for next day delivery throughout the US.

From birth to teen, adding glitter walls to your child’s bedroom can create results that you may not have considered, especially for your son - as glitter is no longer the exclusive province of girls. Feedback shows that parents in the UK are also including glitter feature spaces in the nursery and playrooms of their baby boys.

Glitter transforms flat, plain walls, ceilings into an eye-catching, visual feast that, when used in deep, darker colors, creates a dynamic, exciting look. Think rockets, spaceships and galaxies; oceans, rivers and wildlife and these atmospheric glitter walls will transport you to other worlds!

For relaxing, princess schemes there are a huge array of pretty colors to choose from to add the twinkle to your scheme. But if you don’t fancy the traditional route, the color options also include much bolder, dramatic glitter colors to allow for all tastes.

Parents are also looking for something different that can also grow with their offspring. Certainly, a fabulous glitter feature wall or ceiling could easily be incorporated into an older child’s bedroom design as their tastes develop. The black glitter wall covering is amazing as a ceiling in a music inspired bedroom, for example.

Children’s bedrooms play a key role in their development. Having a space for children to call their own, with somewhere to relax and dream, to be creative and enjoy life are all so important. The National Sleep Foundation, who monitors how America sleeps, states that “your bedroom is your sanctuary from the stresses of the day. Use your senses to create the best environment for sleep”.

Glitter walls add texture, warmth and interest and are sure to have long-lasting appeal.



  • $55 per yard

  • 30 designer colours

  • Material backed, not paper

  • Online calculator available

  • YouTube instruction video (although we always recommend using a professional decorator with such a luxury product)

  • Samples available on request



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