Decorating A Room For A Brother And Sister

Often, growing families aren’t always able to have separate rooms for each child.  My family is an example of this. One question that I get asked quite frequently is how to decorate a shared bedroom for a boy and girl?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but I would like to share my thoughts on this. While scouring the internet trying to find inspirations, it was very difficult to find decently designed shared brother/sister spaces.  And now the reason why I get asked this question so often is clear.

When taking on this task, the first thing that you should think about is function.  Will this room be used solely for sleeping, or will it be used for studying and/or playtime as well? Depending on how large the space is, you may also need to think about storage options for both children. If the space is on the smaller size, then look for furniture with built in storage options.

Here is an example of furniture with storage. It has plenty of storage, and even a space to hang clothing! Place each bed on opposite walls, and a wall scone or tall lamp at the head or side of the bed for reading time. Its functional without compromising style. Click here for product.

Loft Bed Children's Room

You could even choose a bunk bed with storage for even more of a space spacing option.  Click here for product

Bunk Bed Children's Room

Once the function part is figured out, its time to think about aesthetics. It is important to get your kids involved in this part.  Ask them how they envision their space. What are their likes and dislikes? Keep in mind, this is when things can get tricky. It’s a space for two people, but it’s also a whole space. Visually, the space can become overwhelming. Aesthetically, where do you start?

It all depends on what overall look you are striving for. If you are interested in doing a themed room, try to find a theme that both siblings like that coordinates with both style and colors.

You can’t go wrong with a classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse room! They used the same bed but in different colors, kept it fun by switching the night stand and stool colors and used coordinated bedding. 

Via Ethan Allen

Via Ethan Allen

All about the sea! The designer used the same bed, but personalized each space according to the child’s gender. Places such as Restoration Hardware Baby&Child and Pottery Barn Kids have comforters and pillows that coordinate in different colors.

Designed by Allison Scrivener, Lead designer at Pottery Barn kids

Designed by Allison Scrivener, Lead designer at Pottery Barn kids

Coordinating bedding in a bunk room from Pottery Barn Kids

Coordinating bedding in a bunk room from Pottery Barn Kids

Coordinating bedding sets

Click here for beautiful Coordinating Quilt Sets!

Click here for fun and colorful Plush Comforter sets!

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If you’re interested in doing a more generalized design, I would recommend starting with a neutral base, and layer coordinating colors, textures and styles. I would also suggest keeping it consistent in the furniture.


Here is an example of making the most out of a smaller space. This daybed with trundle is beautifully styled and personalized for each child.

Credit to   Dear Dawson

Credit to Dear Dawson

Click here for a beautiful tufted nail head daybed with trundle!

Click here for a gorgeous soft white daybed with trundle!

The wall feature with the hanging light add such a unique and personal touch!  Although each space is personalized the space as a whole flows just beautifully.

Custom corner beds are great space saving solution.

Credit to Allen Patterson Residential

Credit to Allen Patterson Residential

When the children are a little older, one important note is defining their spaces. By using celling mounted drapes, each space becomes their own private area for reading time or doing late night homework.

Via Domino

Via Domino

And finally, this bedroom is from the set of Blackish, one of my favorite television shows. I have mixed feelings about this space. I like how each side of the room represents each personality, the furniture is consistent and the colors coordinate. Yet visually, the space as a whole is too busy with all the loud patterns going on.

Blackish Child Bedroom

The key to a creating a nicely designed shared bedroom is coordination and balanced aesthetics. Keeping in mind each child’s interests, it is important to give them a space that is both functional and comfortable. Making the best of the space you have will aid you in creating the perfect space for your children to spend their time in.


Dania Farhat
Decor For Kids