Soccer Themed Bedroom

I’ve always envisioned that my son's room would be a difficult room to design. At the beginning of the design process, I asked my son what theme he wanted for his room.  Without hesitation, and with a huge smile on his face, he expressed that he wanted a soccer room. My son has been obsessed with soccer since he was 3 years old.  He’s been on various teams and watches his favorite teams religiously. I was ecstatic!  A million ideas started to form in my head. I wanted to design a space that was unique, special, and of course fun!  

I came up with an idea to have his headboard, along with a cool wall mural, as the focal point of the room. A soccer ball sitting in the middle of a soccer field. I designed the headboard and had it custom made.  The mural was purchased online from a company.  I gave them the dimensions of the wall, and they custom sized the mural to fit exactly.

Decor for Kids, Dania Farhat, Soccer Boys Bedroom

I incorporated my son’s favorite team and player into his design, which coordinated nicely with the paint and mural.  

Decor for Kids, Dania Farhat, Soccer Boys Bedroom

Over his locker dresser, I custom ordered a soccer scoreboard, choosing numbers that have a significant meaning to my son. A reading corner was a must, and adding wall ledges are a fun way to display books with easy access.

On the subject of books, we have quite a few collected over the past few years!  I wanted to incorporate them into the design, so I color-coordinated the books and used them as design details on each night stand.

Decor for Kids, Dania Farhat, Soccer Boys Bedroom

And finally, his study area. The hexagon shelf and framed flags were DIY’s.  My son now his soccer sanctuary, a place where he can work, play, and spend time surrounded by his favorite things!

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Night Sky Nursery Design Reveal!

It’s always a good day when I get to reveal a new nursery design!  Yesterday was that day, when the photos were released on Project Nursery, and now I’m sharing them here with you all.

This nursery was very different from some of the others I’ve worked on lately, in a good way.  If you don’t know already, I’m a big advocate for safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic nursery decor, and I try to use as much of it as I can.  When I met this client, a toxin-free nursery was her biggest concern, so I was able to suggest all the best items without getting up on my soapbox.

OK, on with the details!

Here is the nursery floor plan – pretty straight forward.  We had this great window seat area to work with, which meant we didn’t have to add any extra seating or storage.  We also had plenty of space to add accessories, like a floor lamp behind the glider and the infamous Large Stuffed Giraffe next to the changing table.

We jumped right in and started creating a list of all of her wants and stylistic preferences, and then I went to work choosing items and creating a full rendering for her so she could visualize the whole space.

We started with the furniture.  We chose the Newport Cottages Devon Crib and Dresser in a rich stain.  When the pieces arrived, there was no unpleasant (or toxic) newly varnished smell.  The glider is also made from eco-friendly materials and had a sleek modern design to fit the space. Since we were already working in some animal-themed items, we went with the Oilo Studio Cobblestone Crib Bedding to add a subtle safari feel.


The color scheme was pulled from that amazing wall tapestry, which belonged to her from her travels.  It had this great combination of various blue hues with tiny silver beads pops of orange.  Organization was also very important to her, so we chose a great diaper caddy for the changing table.

The big showstopper in this nursery is the night sky ceiling mural.  I contracted one of my absolute favorite muralists, Allyson Jones Wong and she created this wonderful piece of art for us.  The ceiling already had a vaulted area that was just begging for a feature, so I had to oblige.

Every little detail was important in this space, even down to the matching diaper bag from PacaPod. We wanted the nursery to feel very well-rounded, including the accessories. We even chose a modern baby bouncer from Babyhome that coordinates with the space.

And here’s a little behind-the-scenes shot of me setting up the crib mattress (and before the bedding was steamed!). Since we wanted this nursery to be as toxin-free as possible, it was essential to go with an organic crib mattress, like this one from Naturalmat.

See all the photos here, and a big thanks to Full Spectrum Photography for the fabulous shots!

xoxo, Naomi